Rana Family: fighting the italian clichès

When Giovanni Rana started his long career as a pasta maker in a small kitchen in San Giovanni Lupatoto in 1962, there was no way of knowing that he would build an empire!

But this empire is a curious mix of the old and traditional, and of the new and innovative. Today, the Rana family leads a community made up of over two thousand members. But despite being a huge corporation, they consider their employees to be their extended family, people who have shared their dream and worked alongside them for years.

Unlike many other small pasta makers in Italy, Giovanni Rana had a dream, and worked hard to make that dream come true. After discovering his love for pasta, Giovanni didn’t want his art to be reserved only for his family and friends so he started his own kitchen. His food embodies some of the most classic and traditional ideals of Italy – simplicity, freshness and high quality. But unlike most artisanal pasta makers, Giovanni grew and expanded his company until it became a small empire.

Gian Luca Rana, son of Giovanni, took that small empire and made it even bigger by expanding their operations into the US. One of the reasons were problems with Italian bureaucracy. Namely, when they opened their first factory in the US – in Chicago – it took them around 11 months, whereas opening a factory in Italy, in Verona, the whole process took as much as seven years of planning and work. Nowadays, GianLuca Rana is a great fan of made in Italy food.

Another curious case of defying clichés, Gian Luca set his sights far beyond Italy, or even the US and Great Britain, and today the company is growing at an amazing speed. Gian Luca Rana and italian cooking: he loves experimenting with tastes and different cultures, but he always focuses on quality – the best ideas, ingredients, recipes and people are what make the Rana company so special.

This is truly not just another company with a fancy name and label, but a real family putting in real effort to bring people, happiness and joy in the form of great authentic food. So if you cannot go to Italy, Italy will come to you!